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Help for Haiti

Here are links for info and specialized resources of note:

Haiti Earthquake Relief page on Snopes.com

Snopes  evaluates urban legends, rumors ,and messages that especially are rife on the Internet. This is a reliable resource to help separate fact from fiction. Unfortunately scam artists see disasters as opportunities.

Several organizations are seeking professional Kreyol and French interpreters and translators as volunteers to work in Haiti and remotely. For details, plus  information on language pairs needed, contact the National Association of Judiciary Interpreters and Translators (working with the American Red Cross) and Translators Without Borders (working  with Doctors Without Borders).  A new networking group, Interpreters and Translators for Haiti has set up a Facebook page for communication.

The Hesperian Foundation, a non-profit publisher of materials for community-based health care, has Haitian Creole editions of the book Where There is No Doctor, Sanitation and Cleanliness booklet ,and Where Women Have No Doctor in PDF form, available to download for free on their website.  A Creole print edition of Where There is No Doctor is available for purchase.

Idealist.org continues to offer solid information, insights, and networking on rational and appropriate ways to help the people of Haiti. See the blog for the latest, including Helping Haiti: Things to Consider.


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